Next to our own ice cream creations, we also serve many another delicacy. Discover them here!

Warm drinks
We serve a warming variation of drinks like espresso, cappuccino, caffè amaretto, latte macchiato, leche leche, tea in different flavours, and, of course, hot chocolate with the possibility of several additions.

Get in that all-Italian atmosphere by tasting our prosecco, limoncello or grappa.

Enjoy the sun even more with one of our refreshing cocktails. Discover our Yellow star, Swimmingpool and Scroppino.
Indulge yourself with one of or delicious smoothies. These healthy drinks made with fresh fruit will give you a firm boost!

Discover our homemade milkshakes. We change our flavours every day.

Yoghurt creations
Yoghurt is the perfect basis for flavourful creations like yoghurt shakes and coupes. Highly recommendable with some ice cream and fresh fruit! 
More to enjoy


Taste it!
Everyday from 11 am to 10 pm. Sundays from noon to10 pm.