Gorgeous ice cakes
Are you looking for a delicious and qualitative dessert? In that case, you can count on Da Vinci for a lovely ice cake. Ice cream is simply that popular. With your ideas and our craftsmanship, we will deliver a successful and tasty moment at your party.

Prices: 2.7 euros per person (from 6 people). Wedding cakes 3 euros per person. The cakes can be delivered or collected.
Our ice cream cart at your party
Da Vinci’s charming ice cream cart is a hit at every party. We fill the cart with all the necessary materials and your favourite flavours, of course. We deliver it at your party, after which you can get your party started yourself, conjuring up a smile on the faces of all of your guests.

Prices: 2.7 euros per person (from 100 people).
Extra toppings also available.
Taste it!
Everyday from 11 am to 10 pm. Sundays from noon to10 pm.